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The IHT Method

The IHT Method is the collaborative result of multiple programs designed to treat mental health concerns with holistic and experiential (hands-on) modalities. In the beginning, our team primarily worked with veterans, offering a combination of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy), and Mindfulness. We discovered that we were able to have tremendous impact with even the most severe symptoms through short-term intensives.

Our efficacy improved with the addition of non-invasive realtime brainwave treatment and the development of mindfulness into a DBEM (Diaphragmatic Breathing, Exercise, & Mindfulness) curriculum. The former utilizes (and enhances) neuroplasticity to help your brain patterns change for the better, faster. The latter trains you in techniques that you’ll want to take with you and incorporate into your daily routine to maintain the results you get from an intensive

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