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10 Day Outpatient Program

More impact, least imposition to your busy life.

Boise – Treasure Valley 10 Day Outpatient Program:

Our Intensive Out Patient 10-day program is intended to address trauma in individuals and allow for transformation toward a happy, balanced and healthy life.

 The IHT METHOD is a customized integration of DBEM (diaphragmatic breathing exercise & mindfulness), EAP (equine assisted psychotherapy), EAL (equine assisted learning) EBLAST (equine bilateral assisted stimulation technique), A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), Neurofeedback models and Emotional Link ™ training. 


Program Outline:

The IHT outpatient program is conducted over a 10 day period, with four hour sessions each day. During the sessions, clinicians will guide you through modalities addressing the trauma responsible for your PTSD, anxiety, depression or addiction.

Our unique program provides clients proven long-term skills to treat the root cause of the trauma which can provide clients a lifetime of peace and happiness. The IHT Methods used are unique combinations of modalities administered by IHT staff, enabling clients with successful life changing skills.

The IHT program does not administer detoxification for drug or alcohol addiction, but serves as a powerful transition for clients leaving a residential rehabilitation program who desire personal and transformational skillsets to thrive in these challenging times.

Through the IHT Method™, IHT has served hundreds of military clients over the past decade along with at-risk teens, young and older adults trying to find balance, purpose and happiness in their lives.


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