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Do we take insurance?

Not at this time but we do offer Care Credit easy financing and we can give clients a super bill that the client may submit to their insurance company. Insurance companies may reimburse at their discretion.

Is there a waiting period for starting the program?

Depending on availability of clinicians and total client scheduling,  some clients may start immediately.

Are sessions individual?

Clients are treated individually for specific needs but may go through IHT in cohorts of up to 5 clients.

Does IHT provide room and board?

No but we may be able to direct you to an Airbnb nearby. Snacks are served during the 4-hr per day treatment but clients are expected to eat before arriving for the daily routine.

What kind of after care does IHT offer?

Clients are encouraged to continue skills taught during the intensive that build resiliency. They are also provided reading material, youtube videos and referrals to therapists for any recurring needs that should be addressed.

Do past clients ever return to check in?

Absolutely, they are encouraged to do so and some have actually loved the success so much that they took training to become clinicians themselves.

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