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A Continued, Essential Part of Your Journey.

AFTERCARE Follow-up:

Aftercare builds on and supports the practices developed during the intensive. Emphasis on proper DBEM breathing and the strategies learned in EMDR and horse therapy are combined, in after-care, with Ultimate Exercise through the Emotion-Link course.

The Emotion-Link connects buried emotions to your illnesses via a 28-day course that takes you through lasting positive habit-forming techniques and provides exercises to build upon the foundation laid by the intensive week.

The course teaches clients how to break through subconscious traps and has over 100 unique classes and podcasts including:

  • Learning the purpose of your anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.
  • Embracing the secondary gains of your illness
  • Learning the emotional traps of your condition
  • A new look at the germ theory
  • Why things are not good or bad
  • A Course in Words
  • A Course In Beliefs
  • A Course on Changing your personality
  • A Course on Communication
  • A Course on Progressive Relaxation
  • A Course on Mindful consumption
  • A Course on Relationships
  • A Course on Breathing
  • A Course on Body Chemistry
  • A Complete Kitchen Guide

And many more. These classes and podcasts teach you the cause and effect of your condition. Learn how buried emotion, trauma, nutrition, and lifestyle traps make it impossible to heal without making necessary changes. Our team continues to be available to clients as they require support and encouragement through this process of change.

Our approach is to teach, rather than provide treatments. This new model frees you from feeling like a victim or trapped in a system that doesn’t work.

Do you want self-control, a feeling of peace, hope, and the ability to let go? That rewarding relationship? A sense of purpose in your job?

This program is unique and focused on helping you to get off the modern merry-go-round of pills, side effects, dysfunction and treatments.

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